Animal Shelter Donor Recognition
Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary & Adoption Centers

After spending years managing a capital campaign and the design and construction of a new 4000 sq ft building at the Purrfect Pals Sanctuary and Adoption Center in Arlington, WA, I was determined to find creative and unique donor recognition displays. They needed to coordinate with the building’s Pacific Northwest-inspired color palette and I wanted them to celebrate both the Purrfect Pals mission and the supporters who made the sanctuary expansion possible.

I scoured the internet, cyberstalking other nonprofit organizations and researching donor recognition display manufacturers. I visited area hospitals, museums, universities, churches and nonprofits to check out their donor walls. I determined that what I was looking for wasn’t readily available. I knew I didn’t want boring, dated plaques or a tree with gold, silver and bronze leaves. I didn’t want something that would be tucked away in a basement somewhere, forgotten and collecting dust. I wanted fun, personalized displays which would become conversation pieces. I also wanted something scalable which we could easily add to in the coming years.

  • Donor Tree
    I created a custom design for a donor recognition tree which would become the focal point of the front lobby. The tree mural was hand painted by our staff and volunteers in colors which coordinated with the building’s decor. I worked with the team at Fastsigns to design custom acrylic paw print “leaves” which are engraved and affixed to the tree. As the tree is filled with paw prints, additional painted branches can easily be added. Framing the tree are two beautiful reclaimed wood benches which were custom built by PNW Farmtables in Arlington.
  • Donor Plaques
    To recognize donors who sponsored specific rooms or common areas in the new building, I worked with the team at Fastsigns to design custom plaques. The back layer features an image printed on metal with a stunning metallic finish. Donors were given the option of providing a photograph of a loved one, human or furry, or using a standard image I selected which celebrates our sanctuary’s wooded setting. The front layer is clear acrylic with lettering and I love the 3D effect!

The donor tree and plaques both ended up being much more cost effective than traditional options, especially since the mural was provided by our staff and volunteers. Looking back at the project, I’m thrilled that we went the custom route and created something special which will be cherished for many years to come.

If you are planning your own donor recognition project and have questions about the Purrfect Pals donor tree or plaques, feel free to email me at [email protected].